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Want a breakthrough in achieving your goals? Confused on why you keep setting the same goals but haven't achieved them? Want an edge on the competition and improve performance without logging another mile? What's limiting you from being and doing all that you desire?

Relaxation Therapy is a proven way to access the part of your mind that turns wants, goals and desires 

into something you can believe is happening now. From weight loss to improved run times and self confidence,

book now to stop waiting for things to change and make it happen!

Sessions offered in-studio or via Zoom.

Limited Time Pricing: 

60 min. Session - $80

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Guided Meditation

Always wanted to meditate but haven't made it a priority? Prefer to mediate with someone? Do you have a busy mind and it's hard to stay focused during your meditation?

Let me guide you into a relaxed state or simply meditate with you to help you with accountability.


In-studio or via Zoom

30 min $45

60 min $90

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Yes, we all know that we need to breath and in fact, as you're reading this now, you are breathing. Good news right? Did you know that learning how to breath more effectively can affect your posture, performance and overall well-being?

Feel anxious before a race or a big meeting? Get angry easily and regret lashing out? Find yourself overwhelmed by the items on your to-do list for the day?

Learn proven techniques to tap into a greater sense of calm so you can be more productive, perform better and feel better.

Experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation that has profound effects on mood, thoughts and your body.

In-studio or via Zoom

30 min $45

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