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Instructional Videos for Effective Recovery 

Things to Remember

1. Have ankle/foot in neutral - perpendicular to the floor

2. Keep calf relaxed and imagine the tissue melting and that your lower leg bones are sinking towards the roller.

2. Roll whole leg to the left and the right - slowly. You're looking for anything that causes pain or you feel tension.

3. When you do find pain or tension - move your foot - flex and extend, easily. Not a lot of effort.

4. When pain or tension lessens, move on up the lower leg, rolling side to side and moving foot as you find pain or tension.

•• Variation - use softball if you're not able to sink in enough with the foam roller

Things to Remember

1. Using foam roller - start with foam roller on sit bones and SLOWLY roll down towards knee.

2. Let foam roller sink into muscle tissue and imagine foam roller sinking down to femur.

3. Roll your whole leg out and in if that feels good

•• Variation with softball. Go slowly and allow ball to sink into tendons and muscle. So Slow, looking for release as you roll your leg out and in.

Things to Remember

1. Place softball anywhere on glutes

2. Let tissue melt around the ball - then count to 5

3. After count of five, move ball to new location on the same glute

4. Explore whole glute - resist the urge to just roll around

5. After found many "good" spots - take ball off glute and sit on both glutes. Notice any difference? 

Things to Remember

1. Start foam roller 3-4 finger widths above  knee, close to the knee is very painful for most, so no need to start there.

2. rolling SLOWLY from just above knee toward your groin, looking for painful spots or tension

3. When you find those spots or tension, slowly extend leg to reorganize that tissue and remove pain and tension. Extend leg a few times, paying attention to the change in tone or pain sensation.

4. Keep moving SLOWLY up toward groin, extending leg a few times to reorganize as needed.

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