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Fall Restart

Right now I am feeling the most amazing sense of bliss. I feel energized and so calm at the same time. How did I get to feel this way? YOGA.

Many of my clients know that I was not a fan of stretching and certainly have had a unfriendly relationship with yoga, until this summer. After working with a handful of clients who reported injuries from their yoga practice and talking with other athletes who struggle with lingering injuries that seem to have been exasperated by yoga, I thought it was imperative I investigate further into what this whole yoga thing is about.

Enrolling in a 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Intensive Training was my entrance into a whole new world. My intention as I started the intensive was to understand how athletes can benefit from yoga injury free. Pleasantly surprised I was introduced and experienced the power of yoga as a way to build strength, increase appropriate flexibility and tap into a deeper connection with my own body.

Understanding that deeper connection with my body resonated with me especially as creating greater awareness through bodywork and massage is where my passion lies. Through receiving bodywork and now practicing yoga, I’m allowed to feel and explore the limitations as I look for balance and (to get real woo-woo) expansion.

As we get older and perhaps engage in activities that are relative in nature, our body adapts to create patterns and can become restrictive. Through bodywork and now yoga, Ive learned how to breath into those restrictions to find more movement and ease. My experience through the teacher training has shown me that yoga is like doing bodywork on yourself. Super cool, right?

I plan to offer a series of workshops to introduce athletes and non-traditional yogis to the benefits of yoga and how to do the postures properly for most benefit without injury.

I hope you’ll join me as we explore the benefits of yoga in your quest for a body that can move easier, stay injury free and improve performance. Improved performance could be running faster or chasing your kids down the beach.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the workshops, please email me at: kristi @

Exploring the Flow in Life

- Kristi

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