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Sport Performance 12 Week Intensive

A results driven program for athletes looking for that edge in sport and life.

Enrolling for a start in September 2022 or October 2022 only.

What’s in the package...

☑️ 10-sessions of bodywork to optimize the body to move with efficiency. Reliving tension patterns that if left unchecked may lead to injury and unnecessary pain. Each session builds on the previous session.

☑️ Retraining body/mind to move more efficiently. Specific movement to target movement patterns.

☑️ Results driven coaching to clear out negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions that are hampering your training and performance efforts.

Why do I need this Performance Package?

☑️ Because you’re tired of getting in your own way by sabotaging your training and racing goals

☑️ You’ve spent a shit ton of money on a coach to tell you what to do and when and you have zero motivation to do the workouts or are miserable whether you do them or not.

☑️ You are finally ready to deal with what’s in the way of you and your performance goals. You've read the mindset books and listened to the performance podcasts and still don't know how to get this mindset. You know that if you can get your mindset going in a healthy direction, your sport performance will improve and likely your life outside of sport too!

☑️ You have finally realized you need to address your body imbalance issues. That calf tightness or hamstring tightness or low back pain still hasn’t gone away… and it’s been months if not years!

☑️ You are committed to doing what it takes to have a body that works well, feel great!

☑️ You really want to enjoy the massive accomplishments you have already achieved and are setting your sights on having a peaceful marriage, family life and work balance with all the training that is required to excel.

What’s included:

  •         Ten - 75 min bodywork sessions

  •         Four - 2-3 hour mindset/coaching sessions done in person or over Zoom.

  •         Explanation/review of exercises with access to videos for further understanding.

  •         All session to be completed within 12 weeks



Coaching Package:$4,300

10- Series Bodywork $2,000

Sport Performance Intensive Package $5,300 (SAVE $1,000)

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